Guest Conversations: A Song of Jon and Dany

If GRR Martin died before finishing his series, and on his deathbed he tasked you with finishing his series, how would you end it? Rachel Adkins Alvarado, techno-crane operator, should read more. ASoIaF fan since 2011. I: @radk1ns If George RR Martin Died and Rachel Became Queen of Westeros -Jon Snow is resurrected by Melisandre. … Continue reading Guest Conversations: A Song of Jon and Dany


5 best of…(Older) Adulthood

It is rare to find a novel which begins long after other novels end. Often, elderly character are supporting characters who might be portrayed as good and wise or foolish, ranging from Austen’s Mrs. Bennet to Tolkein’s Gandalf. These characters can seem to lack complex inner lives of their own. Of course, if fiction is … Continue reading 5 best of…(Older) Adulthood