Book Review: “Crosstalk” by Connie Willis

Connie Willis is 71 years old, with eleven Hugo awards, seven Nebula awards, and almost 40 years of experience writing science fiction. I have fallen in love with her books over and over again since I was a preteen. She is most famous for her meticulously researched time-travel historical epics: Doomsday Book, which takes place … Continue reading Book Review: “Crosstalk” by Connie Willis


Guest Conversations: Life Lines

Tell me about a poem/lines that have become a sort of a daily mantra for you, or words to live by. How did you find these lines, why has it become important, and/or how has it affected you?   Hannah Love, theater student. T: @hluv311 I: @h.l0v3 Act II, Scene VII, Shakespeare (complete text here) … Continue reading Guest Conversations: Life Lines